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4Cuzns’ Event Planning & Catering LLC

Family Serving Families

Whether it is a wedding, adult birthday party, corporate function, or religious event, we’re here to help.

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Making Events Unforgettable Is Our Specialty

About Us

4Cuzns’ Event Planning & Catering LLC has been providing outstanding event planning and catering services at affordable rates since November 2015. We are a family that serves other families, and we are committed to serving clients throughout the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Our business is owned by four first cousins:

  • Mary L. Anthony (Event/Wedding Coordinator)
  • Anita Mitchell-Johnson (Caterer)
  • Phyllis Moran (Wishing Well Gift Box Design Specialist)
  • Jeanette Green (Administrative Director)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sure that our clients are satisfied and feel comfortable about us and the event we are handling for them. 

Our Story

It all began when four cousins with different talents got together to establish a business. We have handled many of the family events, weddings, anniversary dinners, vow renewals, birthday parties, retirement parties, and family picnics. Every one of those events was just memorable.

Family members and friends began to approach us and ask, “why don't you open your own business as an event planner and caterer? With all your skills combined, you are sure to succeed.” We decided to do just that, and we've loved every minute of our journey.

Why Choose 4Cuzns’ Event Planning & Catering LLC

Getting recognized has been a challenge. There are so many event planners and catering agencies out there that we needed something that would set us apart from the other catering businesses.

What makes us unique is our gift box design specialist, Phyllis Moran! Our specifically designed gift wishing well/monetary boxes are designed with the client and the type of event in mind. Contact us and let us show you what we can do for you!

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